On Air Promotion Prize System for radio

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    You never have to scramble to find prizes for an on air contest again!  Each week All Star Radio Networks delivers, online, to your station a virtual prize closet of prizes! DVD's, concert tickets, games, video games, CD's, sports items, books, vacation trips, and some items you probably didn't even know existed!  And in most cases the prize is shipped directly to the winner!  

Hi Geoff!

    Thank you so very much for all the services of All Star Radio!  There is nothing like it around and love it because it’s turn-key, and the attention we receive is impeccable. 

    It’s like having our own promotions department within the department!  The list of prizes is great and, better yet, if we are not interested in a prize, we are not forced to give it away.  There has never been a case where we were unhappy with a prize so we are very pleased and happy to work with All Star Radio Networks.  And we really appreciate the online prize system because it’s one less step for us.  We submit the winners’ info online and, like magic, the prize is sent to the winners.  And if there are any issues, the attention to resolve the problem is impressive. 

Thank you!!

KJ Zabala

Promotions Director


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